Corporate Segment:-

The business let it be manufacturing or services - human resource is one of the most important asset for the company. Enhancing safety of the employees and helping them in better time management helps in increasing competitive advantage. TrackWheel with its ability in real time movement updation can generate various activity reports thus playing a vital role in increasing employee safety and time management. Another significant tool to improve operational efficiency is lean logistics and supply chain management in which TrackWheel plays an inevitable role for demand supply balancing and increasing customer loyalty with real time activity and goods status updates.

With TrackWheel, vehicles are protected from any potential timesheet deviations and misuse as well as equipped to generate various activity reports & real time alters helping the management to improve efficiency and control of its operations. These vehicle-tracking systems are quite easy to install.


Schools and Colleges


  • Increase security of employees.
  • Provide updates about where about of vehicle to employees.
  • Track Transit route of vehicle
  • Track the position of vehicle.
  • Eliminate Over Speed and Rash Driving.
  • Eliminate Fuel Theft .
  • Analyze Performance of vehicle.
  • Maintain database.


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